Hurd's Quality Miniature Schnauzers

I have had miniature schnauzers since 1971.  During that time I have raised a few litters of pups, which I really enjoy.  Love those puppies!

                My dogs are first and foremost, my pets and companions.  This is not a ‘business’ for me nor a source of income, although I would like to at least ‘break even’. I currently own two dogs that I have bred and raised. One is a spayed female (Queenie), and the other is her brother Buddy, an intact male. Queenie is an AKC Champion and Buddy is an AKC Grand Champion. I am leasing a good female, and hope to raise some of Buddy's puppies next year (2017). I do not have a kennel; all my dogs live in the house with me. Likewise, all puppies are born and raised in the house as well. 

                I raise them because I love the breed, love and enjoy the puppies, and find it very gratifying to raise really high quality babies- in conformation, temperament, intelligence, and health!

                     For more information, contact: or (607) 276-6309


My first Miniature Schnauzer

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